Cache of Green Brookdale Soda Bottles

Jim writes:
My son left a huge bottle collection in my garage. There is a red plastic case with coca cola in white holding 12 dark green bottles with brookdale beverage, bloomfield nj DURAGLAS on bottom no labels--just curious, any thoughts thanks

Dear JIM

Wow. You are so lucky to have been left such a treasure. However, don't expect to fund a nice vacation after a visit to the Antiques Roadshow.

Besides myself and a few people I've run into who own Brookdale paraphernalia (and have allowed me to photograph it), I don't know that there is any monetary value in the bottles.

When I'm gone, I expect that all my Brookdale stuff will end up in the local museum.

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johnsoncns said...

Wow, sorry to hear there is probably no value in the old Brookdale glass bottles. I have a plastic case of "empties" labeled in assorted flavors. Two even have caps! A friend just asked if they are valuable memorabilia so I did a search and found you. Since your last post, have you any suggestions on collectors who may be interested?