What year did Brookdale soda close?


I just came across your site today. What memories it brought back. I had forgotten about many of the flavors, but not that bright green lime. I remember going over to my grandmother's and her serving Brookdale soda. I loved that black cherry pit. Also birch beer.

Quick question, what year did Brookdale close?

Thanks for the memories,

Dave L.
- formerly of Summit, NJ ( I think they delivered to my grandmother who lived next door)

August 2010:

Brookdale Beverage closed in 1988.
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New Jersey Memories said...

I wish I knew when Brookdale closed too. I remember my father bringing home cases of Brookdale --we'd get lemon-lime, half and half, birch beer, etc. I do remember there was still an abandoned building on Route 46 with a large Brookdale soda bottle display as late as the 1980's, I believe. Does anyone remember this?