Memories of Brookdale soda, 1976

I never drank milk except in coffee when I was a kid. That was back in the days when milkmen made house calls.

In our neighborhood on Gless Avenue in Belleville, New Jersey, we had strong young fellows who delivered our cases of 12-pack Brookdale soda bottles.

The men, strong and sure, gripped the cases, one in each hand and lugged our soda up the stairs to our second floor apartment. ...

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Cache of Green Brookdale Soda Bottles

Jim writes:
My son left a huge bottle collection in my garage.
There is a red plastic case with coca cola in white
holding 12 dark green bottles with brookdale beverage,
bloomfield nj DURAGLAS on bottom no labels--just
curious, any thoughts thanks

Dear JIM


Ever lock yourself out of your car when picking up Brookdale Soda?


My family and I drank Brookdale soda for years. We lived in Bloomfield and used to drive over to the bottling plant near the Clifton border, grab a wooden case, and fill it up with large bottles. I vividly recall the day I locked the car keys in the trunk by accident when we were getting ready to leave. My father was angry, to say the least. He called my mother, who drove over and opened the trunk with her key. We always had Brookdale soda at family parties. I wish someone would bring that great soda back!

Bob Cianci