Grace Remembers The Flavorings

Grace reports in:

"...The extracts for that soda, the Black Cherry Pit, the Orange, the Cream and the Root Beer were manufactured by my grandfather, and father, I am the last descendant from that line.

I lived on Lake Street and went to Sacred Heart School.

Whenever I came home from school, the whole house smelled of cherry pit and still when I smell cherry I go back to my childhood.

My favorite candle to burn today is Black Cherry.

Sometimes when I’d come home from school in my little uniform with the knee socks and beanie, my grandfather would ask me to taste (imagine a six year old doing Human Factors) a new flavor he was experimenting with, some I liked others I did not, so your next "new" soda was in the hands (or flavor buds) of a 6 - 10 year old.

We also supplied many of the Italian Ice Stores you probably went to. It was a charmed life, no locked doors, playing in Branch Brook Park until dusk and sitting on the stoop with my friends.

Thanks for remembering...."

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cheryl said...

Grace....curious that you say you are the last decent of Brookdale Soda....My grandfather owned Brookdale and as far as I know there are just the 5 grandchildren.....Who is your grandfather and father that you say manufactured the soda..I would love to know?