Dog Park Named After Our Favorite Soda

We must have known it would come to this. Now, that there's this incredible revival of Brookdale soda and all things related, the county of Essex in New Jersey has not only named a county park after our soda ... but a million-dolllar dog park, as well.
Brookdale Dog Park is not without its controversy.

The dog park has been a little secret for years, but recently the county spent a lot of tax dollars to improve the area with fenced in security and special gravel, yada, yada, yada.

Now that the area has been improved, the folks who live in the neighborhood complain about barking dogs and people parking and walking down their street to the dog park.

You might say, aw, it's just those uppity people who live in Upper Montclair who complain.

It proves the adage, no good deed goes unpunished. Meanwhile, dog owners tip their hats to Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo for doing something.

After all, something is something that hasn't been tried before in Brookdale Park.

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