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Sent: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 12:36 pm
Subject: Brookdale Beverage

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I just read your story online about Brookdale Beverage and it brought back some memories for me. I worked behind Mr Peretti's home at Brookdale Beverage for a couple of years during high school ('82-84). It was my first job. I also attended school with his grandchildren (which is how I found out about the job). He was an intelligent, hardworking, firm but fair man. Although I appreciated the gesture, I really hated the lunch sandwiches that he made for us (still not sure what type of lunchmeat it was).

I look back and reflect on how hard the work was! Right about the time that I worked there, in hindsight, they had an opportunity to differentiate themselves by developing healthy drinks (like Snapple did). Unfortunately, Joe grew old and there was no-one there to tweak the business model. I wish I was a few years older at the time and was able to somehow help keep his dream alive.


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Natalie said...

Hi Anthony:

I just stumbled across your website and wow....this definitely brought back memories for me. My parents used to own this awesome Deli on Centre Street in Nutley, perhaps you and other readers might remember "Towne & Country Deli" from the late 1960's until early 1990's. Everyone knew "Manny and Jeannine" for their best Roast Beef and Potato Salad in town!!!....this was next to the Original Tozzi the Cleaners, The Hammond's, who owned the confectionery store (a/k/a Candy store), and then my parents deli, who sold Brookdale soda.

I am lucky to say I grew up drinking every flavor Brookdale ever made. I vividly remember the endless assortment of cases neatly stacked behind the counter and in the basement storage area. I also grew up having the best 2nd set of parents next door and had real cherry coke soda from the fountain. I was privileged to grow up drinking what I remembered to be the best kind of sodas at that time!

Both my real and unofficial adopted parents were hard working individuals who believed in giving every customer the best quality food and service. I am amazed at what my parents (by themselves) were able to accomplish throughout those years.....everything was homemade that was sold in the Deli, I mean everything!!

Thanks for letting me travel down memory lane......I have to see if I can find some pictures of the old place. Unfortunately, I don't have any Brookdale Soda bottles, those where left behind when my parents sold the business. It would have been nice now to have had a few, but, that's not the case.

Over the past few years, the Deli has been transformed into a tanning center. I know there were other people who tried to keep the Deli running, unfortunately, without much success.

Thanks again!
I hope you will continue your site.