Brookdale Soda - The Only Game In Town

Great job with the site http://www.oldbelleville.org/brookdale.html.

I lived in West Paterson as a kid and visited Joey D's Bar on Mc Bride Ave because he was the only game in town with Brookdale Soda. The neighborhood pals always enjoyed it when my dad arrived with 6 cartons of Soda. Wiffleball, the ice cream man and Brookdale Soda was a part of our daily events. (Not to say that we never threw water balloons or eggs at moving vehicles)

Now living in Southern California, A&W Rootbeer is the Soda King. They never experienced companies like Brookdale Soda in this region. There are more plastic surgeons than Soda providers.

Thanks again for info........

Patrick W.
BMD - Territory Manager

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