Uncle Owned Brookdale Soda Co.

My uncle Joe owned Brookdale. My father Angelo built the company as its general manager. My brother Anthony made the soda in the lab. I worked there when I was 11 at the store behind my uncle’s house in Bloomfield on Sylvan Way where the original plant was. The worked at the cash and carry store in Clifton down the street from the plant (now a Home Depot). I worked a few summers with my brother in the lab making the soda. I share many of the same memories of Brookdale soda growing up as well. Don’t forget the coco cream! Let me know if you want more words, I have a few to offer. Thank you for bringing back the memories.

Thomas A. L.



My Name Here said...

I remembered Brookdale Soda from back then. We use to go there all the time! The thing I remember most fondly about it was that we could mix cases and try all the sodas there. The one flavor that stands out most in my mind was a lime green drink that was sold. It was the best!!
Then suddenly the place was no longer there. If I had known that would happen I would have bought a lot more that last trip!
Thanks for the memories!

Malinda said...

Hey! If he was your uncle that makes us family! Joseph Pieretti was my great- grandfather. I have been looking for info about the family, its all a mystery to us as my grandfather (Alexander Pieretti aka Al)had some kind of falling out with the family over the soda co. Would love to hear any personal info you may have as well as geneological data!

mrpieretti said...

I am joseph Pieretti, son of alexander pieretti, im 24 from nj, email me if you might be related to me eralosed@yahoo.com