1960s Brookdale Soda Worker!


Had fun reading about your experience with Brookdale sodas. I became the chemist (that Tom Garcia refers to ) after working as a bottle sorter, truck loader and case stacker , as Tom was, and remembers as a tough job. I worked at Brookdale from 1957 to 1967 and helped them make their move from Sylvan Road in Bloomfield to the Styretown circle in Clifton and continued as their chemist until I left in 1967. Went to work for Anheuser Busch in Newark and transferred to Fairfield, Ca to help start up this brewery. Have since retired and live in Sedona, Az. I also have some great memories of Brookdale as they helped me work my way through college and I always had a high regard for their product and remember fondly Mr and Mrs Peretti along with their kids Barbara and Joey. Brings back some great memories.

Ron K


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