Mr. Peretti!

I just read the story of Brookdale soda. I purchased a house in 1980 and Brookdale Soda was right in back of us. We could have yelled over for a few bottles but I used to drive my car around the corner and go up the long driveway. I would pick out all my soda and someone would help me carry it to the trunk of my car. Mr Peretti usually worked the cash register.

I too remember when he fell ill, and sold his building. Which is now a developement of homes. I did not realize he had so much land. My children remember Brookdale soda....now I realize that is probably how he got the name because our area of Bloomfield was considered the "Brookdale" section....?????

Just some memories I had to share thanks.


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sassycat1008 said...

My father, Domenick Grieco (aka "the lil chief"), was a distributor for Brookdale Soda for over 20 years on 6th street in Newark, NJ. As a child, I remember huge open trucks delivering soda to my parent's depot. I also remember Mr. Peretti. I enjoyed trying all the new flavors. Such as, Celery Soda and Coffee Soda. Does anyone know how many flavors they produced? It is sad that Brookdale soda is gone. It was and will always be the best. My brothers and I have fond memories of Brookdale.