Stumbling Onto Brookdale Soda

good morning,

was looking for something else and accidentally, though i have always thot most things are meant to happen, came across your website. just finished reading about brookdale soda and i realize i have missed something wonderful. what a great story!

in texas our thing was dr. pepper. good grief, i love that stuff. was thrilled when it finally started reaching outside the texas borders to make its way to the east coast, then shop rite, then to entwistle avenue, where we live. ;)

anyway, just wanted to say thank you for being part of my early morning coffee. as someone who has been encouraged to write and in fact is starting to put pen feelings about a very young son lost, it is somehow grounding and an extreme unexpected pleasure to know of someone so close that writes with heart. everyone's life is such a story. the words of your life makes me wish i had known brookdale soda.

have a blessed day.
Thanks for taking the time to write
Like Mark Twain said,
I can live for two months on a good compliment.
I don't admit this often, but I have - in my youth -
tasted Fresca and Mountain Dew.
What what I thinking?

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